Den Kushi Flori

Upscale Formal Japanese Restaurant 

5,000 square feet
2 stories
Lower East Side, Manhattan

Tang Studio has been selected as the architect in collaboration with distinguished designer Shigenori Uoya from Japan. Together, they are embarking on a project to bring notable Tokyo restaurant Den Kushi Flori (founded by chefs Zaiyu Hasegawa and Hiroyasu Kawate) to NYC for its first US expansion. The restuarant will be located at 107 Norfolk Street, creating an avant-garde Japanese culinary experience nestled within the dynamic Lower East Side of New York City. This design of  promises to redefine the dining experience in this vibrant neighborhood.

The restaurant’s design concept encompasses two levels connected by an interior garden. The total space will span 5,000 square feet, setting the stage for an exceptional dining environment where aesthetics, functionality, and innovation converge. As the development progresses, stay tuned for further updates on this exciting venture that promises to elevate the dining scene in this iconic New York neighborhood.